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It's Sunday and I didn't have any inspiration for the outfits and the weather is awful.

You know that fashion is something very important to me and I'm always on the lookout for new trends. When I go to the mall or to a shop to get some new clothes I don’t always find what I am searching for but obviously, I found my happiness online because there is everything. Most of the time I buy my clothes at Zara, Bershka, Galerie Lafayette and Other & Stories. Like I said before I al someone very hard at shops so I am always online. My favorite sites are Asos, Pretty Little Things, Verge Girl, Tobi, and Tigermist. Na-kd is the one which stands out from the rest, there are very nice clothes, I love this site. xx
This Sunday, I'll show you how to wear printed prince of wales. For a while, it became a trend. It has become the essential this year.

Trouser: Zara

Coat: Mango
Purse: Lancel

Jacket: Sandro 

I went to Frankfurt (Germany) with my sister for THE SELF TITLED TOUR by Dua Lipa. My sister is a huge fan. It was amazing, we were in the VIP and M&G. Dua was adorable and very very beautiful. She's dynamic and really funny! I don't know what to write it was AMAZING!  xx
She is insane! xx

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